B2B SaaS Founder/CEO Roundtable

“Navigating Success Together” (NST)

You're invited to our free SaaS founder meetup where we connect, encourage, and help each other on our SaaS building journey. RSVP below to choose a date and save your spot.

How to make the switch from 1:1 to Group Coaching -- Without Losing Any Clients

Don't Go Alone. Travel Together.

Celebrate. Elevate. Collaborate.

  1. Choose Your Own Adventure. Let us know the hot topics in your business. Content and discussion questions are created with input from attendees.

  2. Build meaningful connections with fellow SaaS founders and execs. Lifelong friendships and profitable business partnerships start here.

  3. Mastermind. None of us alone is as smart as all of us together. We all have challenges to solve AND we all have skills and experiences that can help others.

This is a LIVE interactive online event. Please complete the RSVP form below. We use your input to tailor the experience for what is important to you. In addition, our team curates multiple breakout groups for each person so they make meaningful connections with SaaS founders at a similar stage of the business lifecycle.

Come ready to collaborate with fellow SaaS founders, share your experience and expertise, and tap into the brilliant minds of others who are on the same SaaS building journey.

This event is 100% free to attend. Pitching is not allowed and there is nothing for sale at the event.

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Space is limited for this hands-on, creative process.

About Your Host (aka Travel Guide) - Jeff Mains

Jeff Mains is an expert at turning ideas into enterprises. He has built five companies creating over $200 million in combined ARR, and sold four to Fortune 1000 giants. He is founder and CEO of Intelligent Contacts, an enterprise SaaS fintech company serving the healthcare market, and CEO of growth accelerator Champion Leadership Group where he is fanatical about helping B2B SaaS entrepreneurs build stellar companies. Jeff’s proven process, Executive Navigation™, helps SaaS leaders create a scalable futureproof business that can weather the inevitable storms of life. Jeff coaches entrepreneurs to create premium valuation while scaling revenue from $2M to $50M+ and have fun doing it!

Jeff is the host of top ranked business podcast SaaS Fuel, the bestselling author of Small Fish Big Pond: Building a World Class Business That Swims Circles Around Competitors, and an international keynote speaker. Outside of business, Jeff is often on, in, or under the water. He is an avid scuba diver, shark photographer, pilot, and boat captain.

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