A Curated Dinner for Bootstrapped

B2B SaaS Founders

Connections. Cedar Door. Memories.

The best part of any business conference is when we get the opportunity to get out of our heads and authentically connect with amazing people. In our experience, connections like this become lifelong friendships, strategic partners, and even future co-founders.

Join us for a memorable dinner in at the Cedar Door Patio Bar and Grill and build relationships with like-minded founders. This is for 7 - 8 figure SaaS founders/CEO's. Space is limited so please RSVP early. Meet for drinks March 28th at 6:30-ish, and dinner seating will be at 7 until . . . we're done.

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Champion Leadership Group™ helps B2B SaaS founders scale from 7 to 8 figures so they build a futureproof business they’re proud of and create a life of impact and freedom they love. Led by 5x founder(4 exits) and host of the SaaS Fuel™ podcast, Jeff Mains, SaaS founders travel together on this wild journey of entrepreneurship using his proven process called Executive Navigation™. Create premium valuation and bend the growth curve without sacrificing family & important moments in life.

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